PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a method of paid advertising and typically involves the promotion of websites to increase their visibility in the search engine results pages. This type of online advertising is available on both search and content networks and is commonly used on Google. The term “Paid Search” is utilized in the instance that a Pay-Per-Click campaign is employed on the search networks.

We have positioned ourselves as a gold standard in search engine marketing and PPC industry. Our customer per click was established on a customer's first approach to prepare custom search strategies that provides real results.

Features Included

KCMK KINESI has distinguished itself as a leading search engine marketing company and has been recognized as the best PPC management company. The main components that we lead the industry in PPC include Pay Per Click Management, Content & Display Network Advertising, Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) Management, Re-marketing Advertising and PPC Banner Ads.


We connect with each client to learn about what their expectations are and their history with pay per click campaigns.


Our PPC team builds a strategy for the campaign with a focus on keywords, landing pages, and performance.


Our team continues to monitor ad performance to make adjustments based on preset guidelines and optimization.


The pay per click campaign is implemented using a variety of tools to ensure an accurate launch on all fronts.

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